Plexr Shower - The Brightener Facial (Pigment Correction) - 60 min

Plexr Shower - The Brightener Facial (Pigment Correction) - 60 min

Plexr Shower - The Brightener Facial (Pigment Correction) - 60 min

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Plexr Shower - The Brightener Facial: Illuminate Your Skin

60 Minutes

At our spa, we introduce the Plexr Shower - The Brightener Facial, a 60-minute transformative experience designed to correct pigmentation and revitalize your skin's natural radiance.

The Brightener Facial offers a non-invasive, hydroquinone-free approach to enhancing and balancing skin color, focusing primarily on areas affected by pigmentation and discoloration. Our goal is to provide you with a safe, effective solution that yields visible results without compromising your skin's health.

Discover Your Glow

Experience the power of our unique protocol that combines Plexr Shower technology with HydraFacial for maximum efficacy. By integrating these cutting-edge treatments, we ensure that your skin receives comprehensive care, addressing pigmentation concerns while rejuvenating your complexion from within.

Targeted Treatment Areas

The Brightener Facial is tailored to brighten and correct pigmentation issues in specific areas, including:

  • Forehead
  • Face
  • Armpits

With our specialized approach, we target problem areas precisely, working to restore balance and uniformity to your skin tone.

Unleash Your Radiance

Our commitment extends beyond the treatment room. With each Brightener Facial session, you'll receive a complimentary take-home cream care kit: BRIGHTOGEN (MSRP. $165). This premium product complements your in-spa treatment, prolonging the benefits and enhancing your skin's luminosity between appointments.

Embrace Your Best Skin

We understand the impact that skin concerns can have on your confidence and well-being. That's why we're dedicated to providing you with a solution that goes beyond superficial improvements. The Brightener Facial is about more than just correcting pigmentation; it's about empowering you to embrace your natural beauty and radiate confidence from within.

**Book Your Transformation**

Ready to embark on your journey to brighter, more vibrant skin? Schedule your Plexr Shower - The Brightener Facial today and take the first step toward achieving the complexion you've always desired. Let us help you unveil your inner glow and rediscover the beauty that lies beneath the surface.

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