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The TN Esthetics Center team of friendly and professional estheticians and medical professionals at the grand opening about to cut the ribbon and welcome you as their valued client


At TN Esthetics Center - Cerritos, we're more than just a team; we're a family dedicated to your well-being. Behind every service and treatment, there's a story of passion, expertise, and genuine care. Allow us to introduce you to the faces and stories that make up our exceptional team. Get to know the individuals who are committed to providing you with personalized care, guidance, and support on your journey to beauty, wellness, and self-discovery. Meet the heart and soul of TN Esthetics Center - Cerritos.


Our Team

Team at TN Esthetics Center


Tracy Yun, B.S. HCA

Founder/CEO - Master Medical Esthetician
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Tracy Yun, Founder/CEO - Master Medical EstheticianBack in 2013, while studying at California State University of Long Beach, I discovered my passion for lash extensions. It was a simple vision that I had - to share my passion with others. That's how I founded Seductive Lashes by TN in a small 110 sq. ft room. Thanks to my hard work and dedication, my business has grown into TN Esthetics Center, a wellness spa that spans over 1500 sq. ft. Our team of passionate esthetics professionals and nurses caters to hundreds of clients each month, and we always make sure that customer satisfaction is our top priority. Even during the toughest times, such as Covid-19, we continue to stay focused and committed to delivering quality treatments with the utmost care, without cutting corners. We understand that these times can be challenging, but we are here for you, and we will continue to provide you with the best services possible.

One of the greatest joys for me is able to help our clients reach their skin, eyelash extensions, or body goals at our wellness spa. Seeing them leave with a big smile on their faces and satisfactions brings so much happiness to my day. Over the last ten years, I've created countless cherished memories and met wonderful customers, some of whom have become lifelong friends.

As a healthcare professional and Master in eyelash extensions, I'm proud to be selected as a scholar for the Goldman Sachs 10K program. This recognition validates the hard work and dedication we put into providing exceptional service to our clients at TN Esthetics Center. Being a verified Master Hydrafacialist, achieved through the highest education level from Hydrafacial, is also an honor. I'm committed to ongoing learning and growth in my profession and am currently pursuing a graduate nursing degree.

If you're reading this bio, I'd love for you to come visit us and book an appointment with me or any of our experienced providers. Let's have a chat about skincare, body care, and IV infusion care, and get to know each other better because, at TN Esthetics Center, we're not just a business - we're your friendly providers who truly care about you and want to cater to all of your med spa needs. Self-love is important too!

Tony Nguyen, RN, BSN

Registered Nurse
Pronouns (he/him/his)

Tony Nguyen, RN, BSN Registered NurseEver since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the science of nursing. Beyond providing direct patient care, I have always been drawn to the art of healing that underpins each patient interaction. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Cal State Long Beach and spent over two years working in the Emergency Department of a local trauma hospital.

However, the COVID pandemic has caused me to shift my focus from bedside nursing to esthetics. I have discovered that esthetic nursing allows me to make a profound impact on my patients' lives in ways that acute care cannot always offer. Through my extensive training with top physician providers across various fields, I have developed a diverse skill set and gained confidence in body contouring, non-invasive skin tightening, vitamins/minerals IV and injection therapy, and HydraFacial.

I am excited to meet you and embark on a journey together towards helping you become the best version of yourself. 

Bianca Rivas, MD

Medical Director
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Bianca Rivas, MD Medical DirectorBianca Rivas, MD, MBA, received her bachelor’s degree at the California State University of Northridge, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She completed a dual Medical Degree and Master’s of Business Administration at the University of California, Irvine. While completing her rigorous residency training program at the University of California, Irvine, she also served as the Chief of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Dr. Rivas grew up in the South Bay Area of Los Angeles County with her parents and two sisters. Her parents are Salvadoran immigrants who encouraged their daughters to work hard and become first-generation college graduates. Her experience as a Latinx woman helped shape her path and ignite her passion for helping her community and providing reliable, equitable, and compassionate care for women of color.

Dr. Rivas is bilingual and fluent in both English and Spanish. Other than being a medical director at HydraBeach and affiliate with TN Esthetics Center. Dr. Rivas also works at Modern Women’s Care, centered around women’s health and providing full-spectrum Obstetrics and Gynecology services. She provides services for all stages of a woman’s life, including pregnancy options counseling, family planning services, high-risk obstetrics, minimally invasive gynecological surgery, robotic surgery, infertility support, and menopause support.

Claire Nguyen

Master Esthetician
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Claire Nguyen Master EstheticianSince high school, I've had a keen interest in doing makeup and hair for my classmates and close friends. However, I decided to pursue a degree in Linguistics with a full-ride scholarship in Russia to become a teacher. While studying in Russia, I needed a part-time job to support myself, so I learned how to do eyelash extensions. After completing my studies, I moved to the US and started working with my cousin, Tracy. For me, doing eyelash extensions is not just a means of earning a living; it's a fulfilling profession that brings me joy.

Enhancing my clients' natural beauty and providing them with confidence and happiness in their daily lives is gratifying. I appreciate the opportunity to positively impact my unique and beautiful clients and form meaningful friendships. Doing what I love brings me the utmost happiness.

Currently, I am pursuing my passion for nursing with the goal of being able to offer enhanced treatments to my dedicated clients. Thanks for reading this section about me and I can’t wait to know you.

Jamie Hoang

Senior Esthetician
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Jamie Hoang Senior Esthetician  Pronouns (she/her/hers)Hello, my name is Jamie Hoang. I'm currently a part-time student at GWC, and I work as an Esthetician and Lash Artist. In the past, I worked as a designer for a Dental Lab, but my passion for the Beauty Industry led me to pursue more knowledge. That's when I enrolled at the Santa Ana Beauty Academy, where I obtained my certificate to perform eyelash extensions.
Since then, I've found my true calling in this field, and I genuinely enjoy working in it. I believe that eyelash extensions are one of the most important features of a person's face, which is why I love doing them.
My primary goal is to make my clients feel more beautiful and confident in themselves, and I believe that eyelashes can help achieve that. It gives them an extra boost of joy and elegance that they deserve.

Jake Nguyen

Junior Esthetician
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Jake Nguyen Junior EstheticianHi, I’m Jake! I’m 25 and have been an esthetician since 2017 and have a passion for the lashin’. While studying to become an esthetician, I became more intrigued by how lashes enhance/highlight the face. I always drew eyelashes and eyebrows in middle and high school and finally tapped into my true calling. My sister, also a lash artist, showed me a few of her ways and referred me to her friend, Fairy Lashbrows, who taught me my basic foundation for eyelash extensions. I learned to do Classic and Volume lashes and took clients in within that year. After training with her, I took a class with Philashes and got certified to do Russian volumes. The course was highly eye-opening!

Get it, haha. That’s when everything changed, and I suddenly realized I also wanted to be an educator, not just a lash technician, but to share this incredible technique with my clients, and if, in the future, any lash stylists would want to learn too. Most importantly, just sharing the beauty back to the world. Then training with Philashes, I continued my education and got certified with LashRoyals and LashboxLA to learn Russian mega volume and the difference between American mega volume. Education doesn’t stop here! What I want to bring to my clients is a more natural but noticeable look, nothing crazy but where it keeps the people guessing.. like, are those hers? Wow! I want to make you as comfortable as possible during our time together! I'm super patient, extremely thorough, and a perfectionist! Give me your time, and I will give you my world! I appreciate you reading this and hope to get to know you more! Thanks again :)